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I went to Yekaterinburg you can say by accident

I went to Yekaterinburg, you can say, by accident. There were troubles at work, I had to abandon everything and go "to hell with the waders". New terrain, a new climate, new conditions - all this can not lie down in my mind. The first time it was very difficult to learn - there's even food is different, not to mention the dialect of local residents and weather conditions.

Once I thought: it is necessary to somehow relax and distract from everyday problems, maybe, then everything will be easier. Since I did not know anyone here yet, I had only one way out: to get acquainted with a prostitute. Fortunately, this good here in bulk - choose not to be lazy!

Entered a request on the Internet "Remove the whore in Yekaterinburg" and went to the first link - still do not know the local sites, what's the point of something to choose. On the site there were a lot of forms of beautiful individuals, and as I later realized, they all work for themselves, each according to their own schedule. This is good, do not overpay to intermediaries.

He began to choose. Many proposals, all beautiful, all cheerful, it is immediately evident that girls love what they do. To choose, to admit, it was difficult, but I did it because I was determined to do it, and thought that if suddenly the first prostitute did not like something, then I could always take off another one, and then compare these masters.

I called a nice brown-haired woman who wrote that she was working on the road. She confirmed that she can come to me in any district of the city, and even, if necessary, for the city, but then I have to pay her a taxi. Since I lived in the central part, she promised that I would be in half an hour, and did not deceive.

When my night guest called me at the door, I was a little confused. It was my first meeting with a prostitute, and I did not know how to behave. But the girl was not a blunder, she quickly realized what was going on, and took the situation under her control.

She mastered my apartment, decided to relax in the living room on a large soft couch, and I did not refuse her this pleasure. He also forgot about howling confusion and got down to business. By the way, in business this whore was the present skilled worker. She did a good blowjob, then for a long time she portrayed herself as an Argentine rider, and then divorced me to explore the depth of her charming ass.

Our games lasted exactly as long as I ordered - 3 hours, and then, she did not hurry to leave. I offered her a drink of wine, and she agreed, said that today she has nowhere to rush, and she can afford to relax in a pleasant company.

It was also interesting to talk with her, she knew the city and told me a lot of interesting things, as if she were a historian or local historian, and not a prostitute.

When she was about to leave, I decided to thank her for the continuation of the evening and paid a little more than agreed, and she was very grateful. With that girl we did not meet again, I lost her number, and on the site of her questionnaire the next day was gone. I still have such a strange feeling that it was only my individual, and she will not go to anybody else. 
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